Inc Winning Announcement

Inc Winning Announcement

Atlantic Home Mortgage
Atlantic Home Mortgage
Published on January 4, 2023

Inc Winning Announcement

Inc. revealed the 2022 list of companies that made it to the top 5000 annual list. We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Home Mortgage ranked 458. The Inc. 5000 list comprises the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Achieving a high ranking amongst giant corporations, the top 500, is not a mean feat given the dynamics and innovative nature of the private sector with companies registering robust growth in revenue returns annually. Inc. is pleased to recognize the top growing private companies in the list, honoring their efforts, hard work, and innovative ideas in overcoming the existing challenges and market forces in the private sector to register remarkable performances.

Atlantic Home Mortgage Claims Top 500|5000 Inc. List

To even better news today, making it to the Inc. top 500 list is an achievement worth recognizing and celebrating. Every year, Inc. publishes the top 500 companies in its September issue of the Inc. Magazine. Having claimed position 458, we are proudly announcing that Atlantic Home Mortgage will be featured in the September issue. The Top 500 lists are companies that are not only successful but also established themselves in the private sector as leading independent providers in the industries they operate. Inc. profile the companies based on the median average percentage revenue growth they register annually and the jobs created.

In the 2022 list, the top 500 companies registered 2144 percent median revenue growth and about 68395 jobs in the last three years. You can check for more profiling criteria from the official Inc. website. Atlantic Home Mortgages is delighted to be part of the group recognized to have registered higher revenue growth and positively impacted job creation in the private sector economy this year.

Atlantic Home Mortgage does not take this achievement and recognition lightly. We appreciate every effort from the team and our customers who believe in our course to provide the best mortgage in the real estate sector. This honor reflects the hard work we have put in since the company’s inception till today, overcoming constant challenges in the market. These include the post-COVID-19 era which created labor shortages, and disrupted the supply chain and service provision which greatly affected the real estate industry. Despite the challenges, we are pleased to announce that our revenues for the last three years registered a sizeable average growth qualifying us to attain such a prestigious position in the Inc. 5000 list.

About Atlantic Home Mortgages and Future Plans

Atlantic Home Mortgage was birthed on the idea of assisting customers to acquire their dream homes alongside a partner who would walk them through the home buying process, educating and providing them with diverse mortgage lending services.

Atlantic Home Mortgage is determined to climb to higher spots in the coming years through the plans we have in store to improve service provision and consumer satisfaction. The company is determined to continue putting in place disruptive cutting edge-technologies in the various mortgage segments it offers to ease serving our customers and increase customer experiences. We understand that focusing on our clients has been the key to our success in recent years. The driving force for us striving to come up with disruptive mortgage solutions that are customer oriented to further propel our growth and customer happiness.

Having set the foundation in previous years and featured in the 2022 Inc. Magazine September issue, we are more than ready to continue easing processes in accessing mortgage loans, speed up customer service, and transparency in communicating information and feedback. The improvements are geared towards ensuring our customers’ concerns in homeownership are adequately addressed. Thank you for always choosing us.


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases that Americans make in their lifetime. To ensure a smooth home ownership and purchase process, you need a transparent, reliable, and reputable partner to walk the journey with you. We have been recognized. Atlantic Home Mortgage is more than ready to walk you through this journey of home ownership. Contact us to kickstart your home ownership journey and get to enjoy our accessible mortgage services.

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