Nursery Designs That Will Inspire and Increase Your Home’s Value

Nursery Designs That Will Inspire and Increase Your Home’s Value

Atlantic Home Mortgage
Atlantic Home Mortgage
Published on August 22, 2023
Couple in a nursery room exploring various nursery themes.

Nursery Designs That Will Inspire and Increase Your Home’s Value

Renovating a nursery for your baby on the way is an exciting and powerful home project; one that has you thinking about the future. Not only are you creating a new place for your baby to grow and be inspired, but you may also be thinking about eventually selling your current home at a profit so your little family has more room to grow. Let’s look at some inspirational nursery themes that can do both!

Choosing a nursery theme has become so much more than pink vs blue. Parents today are aware that their baby’s first sight may also be their first inspiration. A beautiful, creative nursery with geometric shapes, different textures, or pictures of animals can guide a child’s first fantasies. The first stories they tell themselves, or the imaginary friends they invent may come from the first familiar shapes and toys in their room.

Nursery decor should be both soothing and delightful, neither too busy nor completely plain. Both gender neutral and a place mental adventures can begin. We’ve found five wonderful and creative nursery themes to decorate your new nursery. Inspire your baby as they learn to mentally explore for the first time.

1) Geometric Honeycomb & Bumblebees

Geometric shapes are a great choice for nursery decor because they inspire early mathematical and artistic impressions. While babies may enjoy the soft shift in pattern from one shape to another, toddlers will quickly begin counting shapes on the wall or imagining things happening within them.

We love the honeycomb theme paired with friendly bumblebees. It combines warm, comforting colors, a geometric design that is easy to replicate, and a few painted friends on each wall. Honeycomb is also a charming style that may inspire future homebuyers, especially a new starter family with a baby of their own.

2) Undersea Waves, Whales, & Turtles

Undersea and nautical nurseries are quite soothing with a blue, green, and white theme. Painting waves onto the walls, either at the surf’s edge or in the ocean depths can make your nursery feel like a fascinating aquarium that your growing little one will imagine and play in. Add a friendly whale to one wall or a family of sea turtles swimming all the way around.

Additionally, nautical walls can leave room for more details as your child grows and develops interests, from mermaids and coral reefs to pirates and treasure. The soft blue of an undersea nursery is also easy to go “back to neutral” when you’re ready to size up your home.

3) Up in the Clouds With Balloons & Birds

Babies spend a lot of time looking up. Designing the upper half of your entire nursery to be “up in the clouds” is a fun and trending nursery theme. Paper lanterns that look like hot air balloons create a nice, diffuse light for your baby, with fluffy clouds painted along the ceiling. Add a theme of airplanes, hot air balloons, birds, and other silly or scientific things that might be in the air to give your atmospheric design a unique personality.

Bonus: With added creativity, try to create a ceiling that turns into the night sky when you turn off the lights. Glow-in-the-dark stars, string lights, and glowing hot air balloons might each play a role.

4) City Skyline & Creature

Another fun skyline nursery theme is the city skyline. Paint the upper half of a city with skyscrapers. Add radio towers around the lower to upper middle of the nursery with clouds, blimps, planes, aliens, or superheroes above. The city skyline also has great potential to grow with your child. Add details like people in the windows, heroes flying around, or creatures approaching the city as they grow older. Begin to use the backdrop for inspired toddler storytelling. An artful skyline may even be inspirational for future buyers with children, from little ones to teens.

5) Mountains & Forest Creatures

Lastly, a popular nursery theme that we adore is the mountain and forest theme. Soothing blue and gray mountain peaks make a wonderful backdrop. Combine it with a theme of geometric pine trees and woodland creatures. From a friendly moose to hidden squirrels, the mountain and forest nursery is the perfect place to begin fairy tales. These include magical animals, knights, and nobles, or cultural fables from many places.

In fact, terrain variations may be a wonderful way to introduce your child to geography. Consider making each wall or corner a different biome. Add a lake, a sunset, or any number of beautiful, simple natural images to inspire your baby as they grow.

Nursery themes are a way to invest in your baby’s mental, emotional, and creative development in their first months of life. Infants spend a great deal of time seeing their ceiling and the walls around and above them. Toddlers explore every corner of the room you’ve created for them telling stories about every detail. Creative nursery themes are a wonderful way to help inspire your baby as soon as they are ready to be inspired.

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