How To Buy a Home Out of State

How To Buy a Home Out of State

Atlantic Home Mortgage
Atlantic Home Mortgage
Published on February 10, 2020

How To Buy a Home Out of State

The home search process can be very fun or very exhausting (or both). Some buyers love the search and enjoy looking at home after home until they find just the right one. Others get tired of coming up empty after a long and fruitless search. No matter which category you fall into, it's important to take the time to look at potential new homes and find the one that best suits your wants and needs.

But what if you live in a different city (or state or country) than your new home? Does that mean that you can't enjoy (or at least tolerate) the home search process? With today's tools and technology, even out-of-state buyers can find their dream home.

Do your research
The internet is your best friend during the home search process, whether you are searching locally or in a different area. Start on popular sites like Zillow to see what is currently on the market. Your realtor will also be able to send you links to homes that they think you may like.

You can also find a lot of information about neighborhoods and local sites online. Your new city's Chamber of Commerce will have descriptions of popular areas. Recommendations through social media can also be helpful in your search.

Get a high-tech tour
Many sellers are starting to include video tours in their home listing. These tours can give you a great idea of how the house functions beyond just stand-alone photos. You can also ask your realtor to video call you through Facetime or Skype while walking through the home. This allows you, the buyer, to ask questions about what you see and have your realtor focus in on the areas that interest you most.

Thanks for today's technology, it's easier than ever to purchase your dream home even if you are not there to search for one in person.

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